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Big Birthday Contest on CloverGPT.com

CloverGPT is turning 2 years old and celebrating with huge contests. There is gonna be something for everyone and this is on top of the normal loyalty bonuses and other promotions that this GPT site constantly runs. Here are some facts about CloverGPT.com

  • Low $1 Minimum
  • Fast Same Day Payments
  • Instant Amazon Codes
  • 24 Offer Walls
  • 4 PTC Only Walls
  • Great Support Staff

The main contest has a total payout of $119.25 and will reward the top 9 members who complete the most offers that pay 5 points and higher. Everything except Daily Surveys will count, the Dailies have their own contest.

The next contest is the Daily Survey Contest and it pays out a total of $68.75 to the top 8 members who complete the most Daily Surveys.

The last Contest is the Clicks Contest and this contest includes everything, including clicks from PTCWall and the other Paid To Click Walls, this contest pays out a total of $17.65 to the top 9 members.

These are some awesome contests for everyone, especially if you are a clicker, this is an opportunity to increase your earnings big time. Some other facts about CloverGPT.com is the referral system is awesome and just got a raise, you earn 3 levels deep and you never lose your referrals like some sites, they are your referral for life and there is no cap on the earnings. This is a free to join, free to use GPT site that has a friendly staff and fellow members who are always willing to help. Registration is fast and easy, just fill out the one page form by clicking the banner below.

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Points2Shop Best GPTs Review

The rewards site Points2Shop.com has been around a long time and for good reason. I joined back in 2010 and it’s been a great site. They have many ways to earn points, all the popular stuff like watching videos and taking surveys. visiting websites and signing up for free stuff. You will also find offers that pay you to try new mobile apps, they got some for iPhone as well as android. You can use this site from PCs, Laptops, smart phones or tablets, you can use the site from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Lets talk about the rewards you get free from Points2Shop.com. You can choose from a vast selection of gift cards as well as PayPal cash or a check in the mail and other payment methods. You get your reward fast. There is no limit to how many rewards you can earn.

This GPT site is one of the best GPT sites because it has resources for members, things that help you earn more.Here is a list of some tools that Points2Shop.com has available to help members earn more.

  • Goal System – Set a goal and track your progress towards it.
  • Chat Box – Provides instant support as well as good conversation and tips from other members.
  • Support Ticket System – Get a professional response from a Points2Shop team member.
  • Referral Tools – Banners, Trackers, Guides, Tips, Widgets and Stats.
  • Loyalty Bonuses – Honor Levels and Merits as well as team competitions.

This GPT website offers a whole lot more than your average site, this is a professional business that has been around a long time and has built a great reputation. We recommend Points2Shop.com Thanks for reading our review.

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The Top 10 GPT Sites

There are many great GPT sites that can be found on famous lists like Top50GPT.com. I get asked all the time “What is your Top 10 list of GPT sites?” The answer has changed many times throughout the years with the closure of many of the old great sites. But there are still some great ones left and earning with GPT sites is alive and well. There are millions of internet users earning cash and gift cards on GPT Rewards Sites everyday.

  1. instaGC.com takes the top spot for many reasons. They make earning easy with lots of pay per view videos and pay to click websites. They also have many offer walls available. Support is very fast and friendly. You can cash out in many ways including instant PayPal. You may also redeem points for gift cards, they carry over 100 instant gift card choices, far more than any other GPT rewards site.
  2. PocketMoneyGPT.com is a fun place to spend your spare time. You get access to the chat as soon as you join and you will find many off the wall characters hanging out there and earning lots of money. I have seen people cash out hundreds of dollars at a time. It’s a great site with 19 offer walls and all the popular daily surveys with great rates. There are also many contests and bonus stuff. Be sure to check your inbox for free money promo codes.
  3. DollarClix.com is great for international members as well as USA. They have great contests and 20 of the best offer walls. You can also find surveys and registration offers as well as PTC and videos. They pay fast via PayPal and other methods as well.
  4. CashCrate.com has been paying people since 2006. they have great rates and lots of ways to earn. You get paid monthly and that might sound like a long time to wait, but really it is pretty cool because you can really rack up a nice amount and be able to use it to pay bills or buy something big, it’s nice to get a large amount of money at once.
  5. Vindale.com is a survey company where you can get surveys directly from the source, these surveys pay more on average than if you were to complete them from a different site. They even start you out with $2.00 after you complete the profile questions.
  6. Get-Paid.com is a popular get paid to site with lots of fun stuff built in, like experience levels and badges you easily earn. These give you even more opportunities to earn cash and gift cards. This GPT site also has an exclusive way to earn and that is by transcribing business cards. This is easy work that you can do over and over.
  7. Clixsense.com is a really good get paid to site and it’s great for any country. This place has been paying people like you for over 10 years. You get paid to view websites, you can also complete CrowdFlower tasks as well as regular offers and a ton of surveys as well as videos to watch and the earnings never end, you won’t run out of stuff to do on this site.
  8. SuperPay.me is an instant paying rewards site with registration open to all countries. You will find 14 offer walls and many daily surveys for all countries. The minimum needed to withdraw is just $2.00.
  9. CloverGPT.com is a newer website with a personal touch, they cater mostly to USA but also have registration open to many other countries. The support you will receive on this site is top quality, you also get paid really fast and it’s just a $1.00 minimum needed. Because this is a newer GPT site with a small member base, the contests are much easier to win than on some of the older established sites.
  10. TreasureTrooper.com is an old favorite site, it’s been around since the beginning of GPT. They have paid out over $7,000,000 to their members. They have a unique website that is packed with fun adventure games and bonus promotions that make earning more fun.

Thanks for reading my post about the Top 10 GPT sites. All of these sites have great reputations and pay on time and have easy ways to earn money. Please share this post with your friends and family, Thanks again.


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