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Big Birthday Contest on CloverGPT.com

CloverGPT is turning 2 years old and celebrating with huge contests. There is gonna be something for everyone and this is on top of the normal loyalty bonuses and other promotions that this GPT site constantly runs. Here are some facts about CloverGPT.com

  • Low $1 Minimum
  • Fast Same Day Payments
  • Instant Amazon Codes
  • 24 Offer Walls
  • 4 PTC Only Walls
  • Great Support Staff

The main contest has a total payout of $119.25 and will reward the top 9 members who complete the most offers that pay 5 points and higher. Everything except Daily Surveys will count, the Dailies have their own contest.

The next contest is the Daily Survey Contest and it pays out a total of $68.75 to the top 8 members who complete the most Daily Surveys.

The last Contest is the Clicks Contest and this contest includes everything, including clicks from PTCWall and the other Paid To Click Walls, this contest pays out a total of $17.65 to the top 9 members.

These are some awesome contests for everyone, especially if you are a clicker, this is an opportunity to increase your earnings big time. Some other facts about CloverGPT.com is the referral system is awesome and just got a raise, you earn 3 levels deep and you never lose your referrals like some sites, they are your referral for life and there is no cap on the earnings. This is a free to join, free to use GPT site that has a friendly staff and fellow members who are always willing to help. Registration is fast and easy, just fill out the one page form by clicking the banner below.

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BankRollBucks.com Best October GPT Contests

The great GPT site BankRollBucks.com has some of the best contests and promotions. During the month of October there is special promotions every day, good ones like complete 5 bank roll offers and win .25 and earn 100 bank rolls and win 100 bank rolls to name a few. That is in addition to the month long promo where one member who completes the most offers gets a 16GB amazon kindle Fire HD or $100 in cash.

October Promo and Quarterly Contest

October Promo and Quarterly Contest

BankRollBucks.com also has a great referral program with 3 levels. You earn from referrals forever and on every offer and offerwall they use.

There are many withdrawal options including PayPal,Check,MasterCard,Visa or gift cards like Amazon,Starbucks,Rixty,Ebay and Walmart. You get paid fast too, the same day you request it. The minimum needed is also a low amount at $1.00 for PayPal and you can get Amazons instantly starting at just $1.00. Use with confidence this site has paid out nearly $40,000 in cash and to me personally over $500 in cash. I have always been paid fast.

There are fun and exclusive games on BankRollBucks.com like Spin-A-Rama where you can spin a wheel and win a prize. You can also play Bingo and an exclusive game called Pick-A-Pair. You can get lucky with these games and win extra bank rolls,cash and other prizes.



You will find a live chat box on this site for members and staff to use, you can share a recipe, gossip about the newest reality show or get fast help with anything you may need.

The site is free to join and use and becoming a member is very easy, you simply click BankRollBucks.com fill out the registration page. Once you are registered you can start earning right away from the hundreds of offers and 13 Offer Walls. Don’t forget to tell others, take advantage of that great referral program that pays you for every offer completed by your referrals and the referrals of your referrals and get this, even the refferals of the referrals referrals. You still with me? lol .. See ya on BankRollBucks.com and good luck in the contests.


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