Instant PayPal

Instant PayPal is becoming harder and harder to find on a GPT site. But no worries we at Best GPT’s dot comĀ  know of a few that are awesome. These are great GPT sites that have paid us many times, best of all they pay via instant PayPal.

  1. has instant PayPal payments as well as 100+ instant gift card options.
  2. now has instant PayPal payments, they also have lots of ways to earn for many countries. I see people from everywhere earning big money here, places like India and China do very well on this site.
  3. is open to every country in the world and has many offer walls, daily surveys, videos and more. You will need to earn $2.00 to withdraw instantly to PayPal.
  4. is a popular choice for people looking for a GPT site with instant PayPal payments. Great support staff and contests.
  5. offers instant PayPal as well as Instant gift cards.

We hope we were able to help you out today. These sites have paid us many times , they are top notch quality GPT sites.