Best GPT Sites

The best GPT sites have have changed over the years, many of the older famous sites haven’t changed with the times and now newer GPT sites have come along that offer a better service. These newer sites are the best paying GPT sites, they are the fastest paying GPT sites too. Many of them are even instant paying GPT sites. I am going to share with you here my favorite best GPT sites.

Let’s discuss the GPT sites that pay instantly first, these are some of the most popular GPT sites, nobody wants to wait to get paid like they used to, most of the good modern GPT sites will pay you instantly, some of my favorite instant payment GPT sites are. a site launched in 2011 that has many ways to earn from surveys to videos and everything in between, it’s also a CrowdFlower partner that has more tasks than other CF partners. You can choose to get paid with gift cards or cash and both are instantly paid. is only 2 years old and it’s a really good GPT site. This GPT site pays instant PayPal from $1.00. This site is open to all countries and is very popular with USA, UK, Canada, India and China. and it’s sister site are 2 of the best instant paying GPT sites. They both have lots of offer walls and contests. These GPT sites also allow members from all countries and give everyone stuff to do.

Now lets talk about some fun GPT sites that have a low minimum of $1.00 needed for cash out, thee sites pay same day, usually within an hour. These GPT sites also have great support and chat boxes where members can offer help to each other to earn more money. is a GPT site I have used since 2012, This is a really fun GPT site to make money on. They have many bonus and contests that help you earn more money. The support is great, the chat box is fun, they pay fast and have many ways to earn. and are 2 great GPT sites, they pay with $1 Minimum and you can choose PayPal or amazon gift card codes.

The most popular GPT site that has paid out the most money and has the most active users is and they have paid out millions and even have a search to win that pays you for searching the web, you can learn more on the Swagbucks Wiki Page.

For more of the best GPT sites we suggest to use the sites listed on The TOP GPT Sites website.