secretstashgpt1 New GPT Review

There is a new GPT site launched in October 2015 that offers members many ways to earn cash and prizes. The site is, we joined on launch day and already cashed out over $30.00 we got paid the same day we cashed out. This GPT site has 14 offer walls, new offers added multiple times a day, including your favorite daily surveys like LiveSample and you can complete 2 of those every day.

The payment methods are great, you can request PayPal with no fee and a low minimum of just $1.00. You may also redeem your points for gift cards to great places like amazon and Walmart. Whether you choose gift cards or PayPal cash you get it fast and hassle free.

There are currently 3 seperate offer contests running on These contests can really boost your earnings and because the site is new the competition is low.


There is also a referral contest running on You can earn a lot of money by referring others, You get paid on two levels, 10% first and 5% second. There are referral earnings on all offers completed and all ad purchases.


Want to boost your earnings forever? There are lifetime upgrades available, they never expire, buy once and earn more forever (upgrades are optional, you can earn a lot without them).


We are very pleased with , we havent seen a new GPT site have so much to offer in a long time. Thanks for reading our review , if you liked it please subscribe and share with others…. Thanks


The Best GPT Rewards Site now has Instant Paypal

I have great news, the best GPT website now has instant PayPal payments. Registration is fast and free , just go to, register and start earning points. Some of the ways you can earn include stuff like this.

  • Watch Videos
  • Listen to Internet Radio
  • Complete Surveys
  • Visit Websites
  • Register for freebies and sweepstakes
  • Get insurance quotes
  • Like videos
  • Complete CrowdFlower tasks
  • Print Coupons
  • Refer Others
  • and Much More

The cashout options are many, the gift cards are instantly delivered and so is PayPal, here are a few of the options for cashout.

  • PayPal
  • Direct Deposit
  • Check
  • Amazon Gift Card
  • Walmart Gift Card
  • Domino’s Gift Card
  • Burger King Gift Card
  • Taco Bell Gift Card
  • Applebee’s Gift Card
  • and 90+ other choices

You may also donate to many charities. You can even give your points away in the form of booster codes you can make. The opportunities on to earn cash are great, it’s quite simply the best site online to make money.

Gpt Site with the best Monthly Promotions

We have searched the internet high and low for the best monthly promotions. We have found that continues to create the best promotions month after month and this month is no exception.

For June 2015 they are running the “Earn More Win More Promo” where the more you earn the more you win and the top earners can win $120 ! that is unbelievable but it is true.

Earn More Win More

Earn More Win More

Look at that! If you earn $10 you get $1 , if you earn $10 more you get $2 , that is a $3 bonus for making $20 and keeps going, the top earners will get it all and amazing $120 for earning $150. I don’t even know how this site can do it.

Also there are more bonus promotions all month long running along side of this one, I can’t even calculate the total amount you will earn on this site it is truly amazing.

This site has it all too like payments via Paypal, Amazon, Check, Mater Card, Ebay , Starbucks and Walmart gift codes also available. You get paid really fast too, same day usually. The ways to earn are also great with popular ways like watching videos, visiting websites,daily surveys,email submits,downloads,mobile apps,trial offers,cashback shopping and more!

This site also has many offer walls like Matomy, personaly, MinuteStaff, Revenue Universe, Token Ads, Virool, Trial Pay, PTCWall, PaymentWall, SuperRewards and Adwall.

Getting started is fast and easy just register at to begin.




Best GPT Site with instant PayPal Payments

The  best GPT site with instant paypal payments is This GPT site allows members to withdraw their earnings via PayPal  and it’s sent instantly, There is no other GPT site doing this. This make unique and a must join site. Members may also get instant amazon codes.

Earning on is easy, they have everything you would expect from a great GPT rewards site.

Offer Walls including

  • WallAds
  • AdWall
  • OfferToro
  • Matomy
  • PTCWall
  • Radium
  • Wannads
  • SuperRewards
  • Token Ads
  • TrialPay

There are Daily Bonuses and other Contests.

New Offers Added Daily

  • Surveys
  • Daily Surveys
  • Email Submits
  • Downloads
  • Mobile Apps
  • Click Offers
  • Videos


Members also earn by referring others, will provide you with your own referral link and marketing materials. There is no limit to how many referrals you can have and there is no limit to the money you can make. Members are given 25% commission on everything their referrals earn. This isn’t money taken from the referrals, this is extra money just for you. Members make the same amount of money if they are referred or not.

We here at BestGPTs have been paid by this site many times, it’s always instant, it’s the fastest money on the internet, Registration is fast and free, click to get  started. Best October GPT Contests

The great GPT site has some of the best contests and promotions. During the month of October there is special promotions every day, good ones like complete 5 bank roll offers and win .25 and earn 100 bank rolls and win 100 bank rolls to name a few. That is in addition to the month long promo where one member who completes the most offers gets a 16GB amazon kindle Fire HD or $100 in cash.

October Promo and Quarterly Contest

October Promo and Quarterly Contest also has a great referral program with 3 levels. You earn from referrals forever and on every offer and offerwall they use.

There are many withdrawal options including PayPal,Check,MasterCard,Visa or gift cards like Amazon,Starbucks,Rixty,Ebay and Walmart. You get paid fast too, the same day you request it. The minimum needed is also a low amount at $1.00 for PayPal and you can get Amazons instantly starting at just $1.00. Use with confidence this site has paid out nearly $40,000 in cash and to me personally over $500 in cash. I have always been paid fast.

There are fun and exclusive games on like Spin-A-Rama where you can spin a wheel and win a prize. You can also play Bingo and an exclusive game called Pick-A-Pair. You can get lucky with these games and win extra bank rolls,cash and other prizes.



You will find a live chat box on this site for members and staff to use, you can share a recipe, gossip about the newest reality show or get fast help with anything you may need.

The site is free to join and use and becoming a member is very easy, you simply click fill out the registration page. Once you are registered you can start earning right away from the hundreds of offers and 13 Offer Walls. Don’t forget to tell others, take advantage of that great referral program that pays you for every offer completed by your referrals and the referrals of your referrals and get this, even the refferals of the referrals referrals. You still with me? lol .. See ya on and good luck in the contests.


The Best GPT Sites

If you are looking for the best GPT sites , then you are in luck, I happen to be an expert on Get Paid To websites also known as  GPT or Rewards Sites. These websites pay you to complete tasks, to do stuff, this stuff can be very easy too. You can make some pretty good pocket money if you use one of these websites a little everyday and save up your points.

The best GPT sites are always free to join and use , while some may have upgrades you can buy, that should always just be an option and not a must buy. All GPT sites will have trial and pay offers, but those should only make up a small percentage of the offers and tasks available, the majority should be free to be considered one of the best GPT sites.

Click and register for free on any of the following GPT sites and do it with confidence, knowing that this is a certified GPT site. All certified sites have paid us in the past over and over , without issue,

  • – If gift cards are your thing, then you can’t go wrong with this instant gift card juggernaut, a true titan of the instant gift card rewards market, so many easy ways to earn like listening to music, watching videos, visiting websites and even “Search and Win”.
  • – With a minimum withdrawal threshold of only $1.00 sent via PayPal to you same day , usually within a few minutes. Lots of great stuff on this site, fun and easy ways to earn.
  • – You won’t find a better rewards site , lots of great contests and daily bonus fun , crowdflower tasks and daily surveys along with many offer walls and new offers added daily.
  • – Fun promos a low minimum withdrawal and exclusive games are just a few of the reasons to use this popular GPT site.

Remember, never pay to use a GPT site. Only join legitimate sites, search for reviews before you join or only join sites that you find here on